The one where I creep back into the room

15 08 2008

Hi. I’d wave but due to the fact that I have not written anything here for months I’d feel like some sort of crazy lady randomly waving at no one. I haven’t written anything for so long that I am in two minds whether to start again at the beginning with a brand new shiny blog. But then I am not sure that would be such a good idea because this was my second blog, the one that I started when I felt the urge to move from the old place because I had been tracked down by friends (read here: confessed when drunk) and as soon as I had I was afraid to write anything worthwhile anymore. It was actually quite frightening really, the difference in anonymous blogging Fairy and normal old me. I always thought that the two were quite alike and the realisation that no they are not really alike was a real shock to me. Does kinda explain why I have always been incredibley reluctant to meet for real anyone that I have met through blogging (with the exception of Soulmining, who I did meet and years later we are still friends, but I did that at the beginning of blogging when I was just finding my feet). It is funny though, how the people that I have never met become in my mind friends. If I see something funny, or go to London I often think of Leonie. If I read a great book I want to tell Dragonfly. But I have never even said Hello to these people in real life. Odd, but the way of blogging I am sure.

It is odd to be writing too. Odd but nice. So much is going on with me at the moment, small changes, big changes and I want to tell it all, just in case someone out there is interested. I don’t know where to start though, and as I am taking advantage of the 30 minutes quiet before I leave work I know that I don’t have enough time.

I need to start writing again however. It is good for me, like a healthy apple for my soul and I could find the time if I tried. I know that it is not just time, but also space. I work very hard and moments like this are months apart during the day. Weekends are filled with Open University work for the Maths course that I am currently doing and that is all figures. When I have a spare minute I read because I love to read and go slightly loopy if I don’t get at least one book read a week. The weekday evenings are the obvious choice but then I am sofa bound with GF and as we have wireless & laptops the internet is browsed from that position which leaves no privacy. He assumed I was still blogging and mentioned it the other day and I just laughed and said I was too busy but the truth is, if I did write I would want to keep it to myself and as I am just about tob get married to the man that feels slightly wrong in a way.

I have to come to terms with this and start writing again. When I do I will tell you all about life in Fairy World but right now the clock is ticking and I want to go home and enjoy a glass of wine and the knowledge that if I really don’t want to there is nothing that I have to do this weekend. Bliss.




One response

25 08 2008

You crept so quietly, I missed your re-entry!! Darn it. I miss reading you. šŸ™‚ If I can get back into the swing of things (sort of), you can!! *grin*And what’s this about books you’ve read? Anything new and interesting? You know I’m always looking.

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