The one with the energy

18 02 2008

This new me is all very strange. I seem to have energy! This weekend I didn’t have to force myself to do anything, I got up at a reasonable time and did some exercise or started studying before ten o’clock every day (this is a feat for me at the weekends usually!) All I normally want to do iks lie around in bed or on the sofa and sleep and watch television.

I cleaned and tidied and wrote two assignments for college, went shopping and ordered bridesmaids dresses. I researched on the internet. I watched Ratatouie. I checked my wedding budget and ensured everything was going well. I went for a walk with GF and we even stopped in the pub for a drink. Last night I was even bored so I did some more college work.

This is such an odd feeling for me and that is just pure craziness. It is wonderful though and I really hope that it lasts.

No other news really, hope things are good with you




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