The one all about me.

4 02 2008

Is it really two weeks since I last wrote anything? Where the blooming hell does the time go? Funnily enough I had another insomnia attack last night but before I got out of bed and turned on the computer I took a Nytol so after ordering Jamie Oliver’s new book and a Valentines card for GF my eyes could not focus on the screen. It was quite funny! Still couldn’t sleep when I got to bed but I was a little more relaxed.

So I went to see the person at Relate a couple of weekends ago. It was okay. Good to talk to someone but quite difficult as we were talking about very personal things and I always find that very hard. I cannot even talk to GF about some of it without going red and hiding my face. Anyone would think I was 13 instead of nearly 30! Anyway she told me that she thought that they would be able to help me but that if GF was willing it would be much better if the two of us attended. So I discussed it with GF and he agreed to go along. It was a huge commitment though, quite expensive, would require weekly sessions and time spent at home and we would have to talk about some really personal things.

Anyway, the upshot is that we had decided that we would go, however then GF was doing some research on the internet about my ‘symptoms’ and found a lot of evidence linking the issues we have had with the contraceptive pill. I have been taking the pill as a way of balancing my hormones to try and keep the Hidradenitis under control but the time that I started taking it ties in with when I had my operation and when everything started to go wrong. Also, I have been very tired all of the time, I put that down to work but it is also one of the side effects along with depression. So I have decided to come off the pill and see what happens over the next three months. If things improve, wonderful. If they do not then I will go down the Relate route but for now this will be fine.

I stopped taking it three weeks ago and it is early days but I really noticed that I had a lot more energy this weekend. Normally all I want to do is sleep but I did lots, and found myself bored at times. Which is great! so, watch this space. You never know it might mean that I will get it together to write a lot more :o)

Hmmm, what else? Wedding is coming along at a good rate. Have found burnt orange ribbon that exactly matches the ties for the best man / ushers etc. for my bouquet. Planning to order the bridesmaids dresses on the 16th and I have many variations of shoes for them. I have the invites made up that I designed myself with pictures I have taken and we have RSVP cards sorted. I know how I want to decorate the tables and I have bought my shoes and worn them in the house once. We have picked what GF will be wearing and my step dad has found a man with a vintage car to drive us to the reception. The church, reception venue, photographer and disco have been booked.

The MOST EXCITING PART is the fact that I received seven beautiful designs for my dress in the post last week from Girlie Number One and they are simply breathtaking. I want all seven of them. They are stunning. Honestly I cried when I saw them and they are just pictures! Anyway might see what I can do about scanning them in and putting one or two on here for you to see. I have saved the originals to frame once she has finished. I have asked for a final dress that is a mixture of bits of each of them. I am so thrilled that she is doing this for me.

I have started a new OU course this week, Introduction to Mathematics. I could be crazy! the calculator that goes with the course is the size of my handbag and does many crazy things that I probably will never understand.

Our fence broke in the high winds this weekend (scary insane weather we have been having) and is currently being held up with blue rope. Another thing to try and afford. Still, this weekend I went to Primark and bought 2 pairs jogging bottoms, three long sleeved t-shirts, a patterned t-shirt, a bag, six pairs of socks and a pair of PJ bottoms. It came in at a grand total of £28.50 BARGAIN! Unfortunately I then went and spent £85 on a dress from Coast (opposite end of the scale) to wear to a friend’s wedding. It is very girlie and pretty so I don’t care. Still, no more now until we have fence money and I have topped up the wedding fund.

We also tucked into the Sloe Gin that I made last Autumn which was lovely. Very alcoholic, especially as we were drinking Sloe Gin and Champagne cocktails but it was a very silly tipsy drunk and very funny.

Oh, and the socks I got….4 pairs were animal socks. I have decided to start a zoo in my sock drawer. I now have three pairs of monkey socks, pig socks, sheep sock, elephant socks and penguin socks.




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