The one where I cannot sleep

21 01 2008

It is 1am on Sunday night and usually by now I would have been fast asleep for two hours now at least. Not tonight though. I have had a sinus infection all weekend and spent most of the time in bed so now I can’t sleep which is very annoying.

I tossed and turned for a hour and a half before I got up and started messing about on the internet. I was thinking about the wedding and an idea that I have had to keep the kids amused during the meal and the speeches. I wanted to make up activity bags for them and I have managed to find a great site with loads of little stocking fillers that are pennies each and a seller on ebay that sells the sort of paper bags I wanted to put the things in so that is good. At least I am being productive if I can’t sleep!

I wanted to say thanks for the comments on my last post and the emails that I was sent. It made me feel much better. Getting it out was a good thing and it has made me face up to the fact that I don’t think that I can put all of my problems down to the Hidradenitis. For that reason I have taken a big step for me and made an appointment with a Relate councellor. I think that I need to talk to someone about it all who is removed and objective and who can hopefully help me work this all out.

I feel tired and my sinuses are killing me but I just know that if I go and lie down upstairs I will carry on tossing and turning. I guess I should switch this thing off though as I will never sleep if I am typing!!




One response

21 01 2008

Good luck with the relate thing. I’ve just looked at the website, didn’t realise such a thing existed, but am thinking about doing the same thing!

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