The one where I waste some time

4 01 2008

Hello. It has been so long that I don’t really seem to have any visitors any more. Except Adz, bless him. But if you only check once in a blue moon and you are stopping by off the off chance I have written a few posts recently and have bared by soul and now I need to hear some comments because I am self centred and vain. Well, perhaps it is because I am at my wits end and want to know if the lovely-people-from-the-internet have any bright ideas about what I can do to make things better.

Adz has already made me feel good with the you are not alone comment. Because I found it so hard to talk about, it wasn’t any wonder that I thought I was the only one.

So diet and exercise are the top tips. Diet I can deal with, exercise I despise. However that is no excuse so I am really going to start to do something about it. I am now very jealous of Dragonfly’s stationary bike set up! Hmm, actually, we do not use our office at all (the dining room has a bigger and better table) and we just bought a new tv so we have a spare one. Perhaps I could convince GF that it would be good if we got one to share….

Well 14 minutes and counting until the weekend. It has been such a strange week, in on Monday, day off Tuesday which was spent watching 7 episodes of Buffy Season 2, Fantastic Four and Finding Neverland (my dreams that night were insane!), then in for three days which were sucky. Still 12 minutes now to the weekend and tomorrow I am going to try on wedding dresses with Girlie # 1 (who is making my dress) to steal ideas. We are also going to eat lunch which will be lovely. Going to see friends for dinner tomorrow night then Sunday I have to pay some serious attention to my studying!

I just need to get back into a routine. Plan is I cook dinner on Tuesday and Thursday nights and GF does Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Then I can study three nights a week and some time at the weekend. Throw in work and exercise and I will not have a free minute! There are always so many things that I want to do but never seem to have the time. Which is rubbish because I spend an awful lot of time just sat watching tv. Sometimes that is all I can handle after work though, my brain just shuts down.

7 minutes. Still! GF just came down all ready to leave (if you didn’t know he works with me) but I have to be here until 5.30 in case someone calls in. BORING.

Well I am going to pack up ready for a quick getaway! Have a lovely weekend. I will be back :o)




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8 01 2008

Fairy! You’re posting again!! Yay!! (and now I’ll leave off with the exclamation marks)With regards to your previous post, I think we all go through periods where the idea of sex is, honestly, the last thing on our mind. I know I do – much like a roller coaster ride. Sometimes it’s a thrilling WooHoo-Let’s-Go-Let’s-Go kinda thing and sometimes it’s Yeah-No-Thanks-I’ll-Pass. LOL I’d also go with the diet and exercise… but hate saying “diet”. What I mean is load up on the fruits and veggies! And definitely talk GF into a bike. My hind parts are complaining a little but the rest of me is yippee-ing. *grin*Really glad to see you back!!

21 01 2008

I agree – “diet” is a bad wordJust lots of good honest food, fruit veg and lots of it!

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