The one where I admit defeat

5 11 2007

Well, it is true. I know it is only early in the month but I have to give up on the Nanowrimo this year. I didn’t get anything done at the weekend and I actually have something planned for every day in November so it was all just crazy.

Still, I have my OU course that I started last night which I am very excited about and the 8 minions take a lot of managing. Plus I have a week off (BLISS) in a fortnight. Which I want to relax and enjoy!

Oh and it is time to sleep but right now it is like I am living in a war zone. The sheer quantity of fireworks going off in a three mile radius from my house is obscene. Who am I kidding? I am just jealous, Paul is away and I am a big scaredy cat so I have been at home all night instead of enjoying the fireworks down in Lewes this evening. If you have never heard of the Guy Fawkes celebrations in Lewes check out this. It truly is an amazing evening.

Wow the fireworks are crazy and I cannot see them :o(




One response

6 11 2007

Awwww, that’s too bad. Better luck next year, though!!And really? They should do it either twice a year or during some other month. November is just horrendous for this sort of thing!

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