The one where I use a little German

8 08 2007

I get really fed up blogging at work because our server is based in Germany so everything comes up in German. I can cope with the easy stuff like Titel but it is a good idea I roughly know which buttons to press because I can only begin to guess what Jetzt Speichern means. (actually it sounds quite painful to me. I think it is the way that German words are written and the letters that are used.)

Anyway, I did want to come here and let you all know that I have calmed down after my last post and my inner teenager is happily curled up with a book and not causing me any problems at the moment.

I am thinking of starting a little series here about the conversations I have with Grande Fromage that make me laugh. I am just trying to think of a Titel (whoops slipped into German there for a moment) for the posts. Might have to go with something boring as I want to get them down before I forget.

I can’t believe that I am writing this at work. A month ago I started my job as a manager and I now have to provide a good example to my staff. Amusing I know. Still I worked my butt off this morning and felt that I deserved 5 mins distraction. Mind you, that is over so I am going back to it :o)




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