The one where I move

22 07 2007

The time has come……the walrus said…..

That always makes me think of my Mum.

Anyway, it feels like it is time to move over here for good. I hope to bring some of my blog friends with me, just leave some of the real friends behind. It is time, I do not feel safe and secure wrapped up in my blog blanket any more which is why I have not been writing and there is a lot of stuff going on in my head that I really should be writing about.

So, please bear with me while I unpack the boxes and get the furniture arranged in a comfortable manner then we can all sit down and have a good old chat. I will make tea, who fancies bringing the cake?

Today is birthday – 7 days. I will be 29 then!!!




4 responses

22 07 2007
monkey typist

boo.found you. will be back asap to read/comment properly, hope everythings going well?

23 07 2007

Thanks for inviting me over. I was thinking the same sorta thing as well, have not been blogging much lately.That’s also due to moving house soon, new job, and trying to save money meaning life as been a little dull

24 07 2007

When I message I thought you said you were moving house… silly me!Right, I have hot buttered crumpets, who wants some?

25 07 2007

Welcome to your new home! Thanks for the invite. Cupcakes?

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