The title escapes me

21 06 2007

So we went on holiday to Cornwall this week. We left after work on Friday and we were meant to be staying down there until tomorrow night but the weather was terrible and Paul was ill pretty much the whole time we were there so we just gave up and came home in the end. We came back yesterday and I was feeling pretty rough all day in the car which was rough. But Paul was feeling better so things were looking up. Woke up this morning, the sun was shining and everything was good. Then Paul had a relapse – he has such a bad cold, bless him, he is so ill.

So we have three days left of our first holiday this year and now the rain has caught up with us.

I just feel so sorry for Paul, he has been ill now on and off for over a week and a half and he really needed a break.

Still we just have to make the best of it. It was lovely to see my family, although I think I might have pissed my sister off a little because we left early. Hopefully she will have got over it by the time that I go on holiday with her in two months time. The good thing about the rain was that we ended up spending a rainy day in at my Mum’s house, watching TV, doing the crossword and baking cakes. I love spending time with her like that, I don’t often get the chance. I also spent a couple hours helping her do the weeding…..I cannot believe I actually get a kick out of gardening these days, who knew?

I went out on saturday night with my sister, my brother’s girlfriend and her sister. It was great fun to begin with, a few drinks and games of pool in the pub. Girlie chat and laughter. Then we went on to a club that we used to go to when we were younger. It was a complete and utter nightmare. Sticky and dirty and full of some of the scariest people I have seen in a long time. I absolutely hated it. The music was terrible, the people so cheap (please do not think I am a snob, I am not but I guess I am just getting old!), some of the toilets didn’t even have doors on them, the bouncer knocked an entire pint all over me, there were two fights that I saw. Anyway, the rest of them had a great time and we made it home in one piece so it was all good. I had left Paul with my brothers and sister’s boyfriend, doing the whole male bonding thing and he survived too!

Well we will see what thw weather is like tomorrow before we malke any plans, looking at the weather forecast it will probably involve laying about on the sofa and watching films!




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