19 03 2007

Don’t tell anyone but I have managed to sign into Blogger at work and write a post. This post.

I am afraid to log back out again in case it is a one off.

Ahh, the familiar feeling of blogging at work. My words seem to flow quicker and easier and I think I write better when I am here. I have really missed this. I am too busy for this but it just feels so great!

I miss my blog. But I have no chance to update it at the moment – what with working extra hours to get through this incredibly manic month, spending every other free minute on sorting out the new house or shopping for stuff we need. The final few moments of each day are filled with eating and updating the house blog because people keep ringing us and asking when we will have new photos on line.

It is very exciting but it is really starting to take it’s toll on me and Paul. Yesterday I made him have a day off, he is working too hard and I painted in the morning and then had a lovely afternoon off including lying on the sofa watching crap TV (Cagney and Lacey) and a soak in the bath and even a little afternoon snooze.

Back to it today, I have piles of work to do but this is too good an opportunity to miss really – Blogging! At! Work!. :o)

Lèonie gave me my first housewarming gift. It was a real life, hold it in your hands letter! It was the first piece of post that I got at my new home for me and I loved it. She is a very lovely person indeed (and she has a magic pony – could you get any cooler than that?)

Okay, I am staring to feel a little guilty now so I had better go and do something work related.

I have enjoyed this though and hope this luck lasts!




3 responses

19 03 2007

hey! what happened to the card i sent you? did you not get it?

20 03 2007
monkey typist

cagney and lacey isnt crap!! what channel is it on…? im off the the rest of this week after today and i think that would be a productive use of my time!

25 03 2007

Blogging at work… tsk tsk… So, can you still blog or have work barred it again? It’s weird that I should suddenly be able to get onto Blogger at my work all of a sudden too… maybe they’re using a different router or something?

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