Because I had a few seconds free time…

5 02 2007

I am so tired, I apologise if this rambles on or makes no sense. I worked from 7.30 this morning until 6.30 tonight, then went and did the week’s food shopping in Tesco, popped round to Paul’s Mum to drop of paperwork for the house, then finally made it home at 8pm.

I am so shattered!!!

The oh so very exciting news is that we exchange contracts on the house tomorrow and it seems that the completion date is going to be the 23rd February. Crazy stuff, I will be a home owner in just over two weeks.

As the title suggests, I am really busy with everything going on and hardly have time to blog so I did what any sane person would do. I set up a new blog. It is actually a cunning time saving device. I plan on emailing the link to anyone who asks me about the house and what is happening and then I will not have to repeat myself over and over.

So, if you are interested in checking out some scary decor (fabulous orange kitchen!) then you can clicky clicky on the link and have a look.

Our House

I have set it up under my name and not as Dancinfairy as it is for my parents to see as well and the world would end if they found this. Well, for me anyway!

Right, I am going to have a cup of tea and then I am going to bed. I could sleep for a week and I have another early start tomorrow.




3 responses

6 02 2007

Good luck with the move! So excited for you!have added your new blog to my Google Reader, so I know when new posts are on there, otherwise I will forget to read it! I won’t link to it, I would go mad if family found my blog!

7 02 2007

Welcome back! And good luck with all the moving, re-decorating, etc. Looks like you have many fun days ahead of you. 🙂

9 02 2007
Retro Girl

Congrats on the house!! I’m sure you and Paul will have many happy times ahead, making it “home” .Good to hear you’re still out there and doing well. Try not to work yourself too hard! Take care

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