January has got the better of me this year.

12 01 2007

Dear Blog Friends,
Hello. How are you all? May I say you are looking rather ravishing today? Have you lost 10 pounds / had something wonderful happen to you / got laid?
Just dropping you a quick note from Limbo where I am currently staying. It has been a crazy 2007 so far. I have not been very well, I feel like it is forever since I felt 100%. We are still waiting for the survey results on the house and I am so fed up of not knowing whether or not we are going to go ahead with the purchase or not is driving me insane! I am trying not to think about what we are going to do when we get it but it is hard and if it turns out that we cannot afford it because too much work is needed then I will be so upset. Work has been unreal – so busy and stressful and no sign of it letting up. Even if I could blog from work I do not have the time. When I get in from work the last thing I want to do is turn on a computer. So really that is why I have not been posting or commenting.
Every day I get to about 10 o’clock at night and then realise that yet again I haven’t written a post and I feel guilty. So I am putting a stop to it. This is official notice of me not blogging for a couple of weeks. I plan on coming back in February with a vengeance and I tell you, you will not know what happened.
So I am sorry for not being around this month and for not sending overdue emails (Kate – thank you for the lovely Christmas card, my first ever one from abroad. It was a lovely though. Paul had the stamps from the envelope so he was happy too.)
If you read my blog last year you will know that I hate January. You might also know that this time last year I had a crush! Now I have a wonderful boyfriend. Still, January last year I wrote loads of posts – unfortunately I do not have the ability to link to them but here are the highlights…..
January 4th – Xanthippe – Some gems from Christmas with my crazy family!
January 9th – I have consulted the internet – Need a New Year’s Resolution? Go here and get one. This year it tells me that mine is to walk on the ceiling more. Cool.
January 12th – Come out, come out whoever you are – it was National Delurking week. It is again now. Please delurk here if you are reading this.
January 15th – Warning!! – Funniest thing I have heard on a bus. Ever.
January 17th – Why I hate Cats – self explanatory.
January 19th – The Crush – How Paul and I started seeing each other.
January 23rd – The Details – Run through of the second time Paul took me out.
January 24th – The Poosday Drinks Project – Oh, one of my favourites of all time – you have to use the real time update link to get the full story.
Well, looking through that has reminded me why I liked blogging so much. I will be back in a couple of weeks with a new zest for life and blogging I am sure.
See you soon.
Fairy xxx




2 responses

13 01 2007

Take however long you need lovely. Nobody’s going anywhere!xx

13 01 2007

Hope you’re feeling better soon, and I have everything crossed for your new house.Looking forward to having you back in February for more blogging antics!

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