Friday night is party night

1 12 2006

Well tonight is the night… is the Launch Party for the new building at work.
Which is why they have erected a marquee in the car park? Hmm, personally I would have thought that the launch party should be in the building but never mind! I have only managed to take a sneak peak and all I could see was some fancy red carpet.
Hmm, red carpet. My dress is Aubergine so I am going to clash. I am going to try and curl my hair and put it up. My hair is notoriously badly behaved however so I will be happy with anything that doesn’t look like I have been dragged through a hedge.
Don’t worry – I promise to provide photographic evidence of me all dressed up.
The weather is perfect for a party in a big tent – peeing with rain and gale force winds are forecast. It just gets better and better really.
But do you know what? I don’t care. Since returning to work I have realised that a lot of people around me are so negative all the time. They complain and complain and bitch and moan and I just feel that if you do that all of the time you will only see bad in the world around you and will turn out to be a bitter and twisted miserable old person. So I am just going to concentrate on the happy things in my life and by my reckoning that should make me a happy person.
Anne used to do her ‘gratefuls’ – three things that she was grateful for each day. For the next month I am going to try and list three things every day that made me happy on the previous day.
Things that made me happy on Thursday:
Seeing Security Guard and being the Pasty Fairy.
Realising that my Cornish accent is still in full force after my holiday.
Eating Heavy Cake bought in Cornwall and drinking tea.
Tomorrow I am going to the big smoke to see friends and some strangers. Not the scary kind I promise. Friends that I have made on the internet. I go from being excited to being completely freaked out. I almost made the mistake this week of telling Dippy Mum what I was up to but remembered myself in time. I am too scared to go alone so I have enlisted Adz and I am also trying to get City Girl to come along too. She doesn’t have a blog but I am hoping that will not matter, she is very friendly and lovely. I will have an entourage!
Today is day one of Holidailies. Tomorrow might be a problem but I will try and get access to the internet from somewhere.
Happy weekend people!




One response

1 12 2006

i’m glad you’re back. i’ve missed ya, kel.have a great time.can’t wait to see the pics!kt

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