Gone but not forgotten

27 11 2006

I am on holiday. I realised today that I had forgotten to tell the internet and immediately felt guilty. Which was a bit dumb really.

I wrote my last post a week ago. I meant to blog but I was too bust getting ready to come away. I started a post on Thurdsay but it must still be in my draft email folder at work.

I am shocked that it took me 4 whole days to realise that I hadn’t posted for a week. It felt strange but liberating.

After a shock such as this my brain wondered what it would be like if I gave up blogging for a while. To get over the shock of such an idiotic thought I signed up for Holidailies again this year….and not just the woussy at home versin the hard core portal version. If you have no idea what the hell I am talking about there is a link on the side.

Anywho, I am on holiday in Cornwall spening the quality time with the family and the friends . I dropped Paul off at the airport this morning as he had to fly back to go to Germany for some stupid work thing they made him cancel half of his holiday for (I am slightly bitter about this) and becuase of the fact he is away I sold our Magic Numbers tickets (I am VERY bitter about that) and extended my holiday. Right now he will be in Heathrow wasting time. He has already been to Newquay, Plymouth, Gatwick and now Heathrow airport since 10am this morning and he doesn’t fly to Frankfurt until 5.50pm. I miss him already, he was the buffer between me and the crazy.

I have two more days here before I fill my car to the roof with pastys and drive back to Sussex.

I will be back on Thursday so I will try and post then. Hope you are all good.




6 responses

27 11 2006

Enjoy the balance of the vacation.

27 11 2006

Have a great time in Cornwall!I’ll tell the drummer from the Magic Numbers about your plight. Apparently he lives above my office, so I have no doubt seen him countless times, but have no idea what he looks like.

28 11 2006

hehe, I figured you were typed out from the national novel writing event you participated in. Hope you enjoy your holiday. I really really need one myself.

28 11 2006

I wondered where you had gone.Have fun and don’t forget the pasties!

29 11 2006

Until I read adz’s comment, I’d assumed Magic Numbers tickets were some lottery spin off. It makes me wonder how much other stuff just goes over my head. Proceeding to London at the weekend to get drunk?

29 11 2006

Hope the holiday is good. Have fun!

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