Boring old word counts…….or countdown to SUCCESS!!!

19 11 2006

I didn’t write anything on Friday so I started the weekend at 33,888 words.

By the end of Saturday I had 36,339. Not too shabby for just over a hour, 2,451 words.

I got up this morning and started at 9am.

It is now 2pm. I am on 41,957. 5,618 words so far today.

I have to keep going though. Really I only have today and tomorrow after work to get this finished. Tuesday night I am going to see The Zutons and Wednesday I have to pack and wrap Christmas presents because I am going home to Cornwall to see my family. I am so excited!!!!!

All seems so far away at the moment though, 8,043 words away I guess.

Paul has come in and is rubbing my shoulders to make me feel better but it HURTS. Now he has gone because he thinks you will all think that he gives crap massages. It is not that, just that I am so tense.

8,043 and counting people……

P.S. I will be stopping for a hour at 3.50pm to watch Charmed. Because it is the law. Ask Leonie if you don’t believe me.




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