Things are better today.

15 11 2006

Word count yesterday – 3292.

I beat those words out of the poor girl I tell you.

Thanks to Mouldy I now have an enigmatic gay man giving her some advice. That was good for 500 words so I am very grateful. I also have my recurring dream sequence which helped too.

My lovely character seems to have a habit of drinking or getting drunk. I think this might have something to do with the fact that I am not allowed to drink at the moment (well I have to really limit it!)

Anyway this is just a quick update. I have work to do and meetings to attend.




6 responses

15 11 2006

I am glad to be of assistance.Is this enigmatic person based on anyone from real life?

15 11 2006

Not really.

15 11 2006

oh. i think when your “character” drinks and gets tipsy she should start taking off her clothes.yeah. sounds good to me. and also like a kate that i know. lol.

15 11 2006

Kate seems to know the kind of stories I like reading. Follow her advice.

15 11 2006
Retro Girl

Sounds like you are doing great so far…Do you have a title yet? Any arrangements for publishing yet?

16 11 2006
The Dummy

And games to play! ;)You did great despite me!

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