Mountains high, valleys low.

11 11 2006

This is a rollercoaster.

I was doing well at Nano at the beginning of the week but as I entered week 2 my brain exploded. I was just so tired! So this week has looked like this:

Monday – I hit 13440 by bedtime.

Tuesday – I eat a lot. Word count 0.

Wednesday – another great night. I get to 17225.

Thursday – Sit in front of tv. Yawn a lot. Go to bed at 8pm. Word count 0.

Friday – have to go out for dinner then really need to spend quality time with Paul. Word Count 0. Movies watched 1. (Date movie – had me in stitches on moment – hiding the next. The cat on the toilet? That is some freaky shit.)

Saturday – get up early and go to town to run errands. Back. Get on with it. Start at 11 o’clock. It is now 2.37 pm and I have written 3,884 words. Not bad. As a reward I have purchased an album from iTunes, made a new playlist for novel writing purposes and worked out how many more words I really want to write today.

Will let you know later if I do!!!

Later Saturday – 6pm. That is enough, I am broken (plus we are out for dinner tonight and I have to go and make myself look human!) Today’s word count – 6,496.

NEW TOTAL 23,721.


Right, I am off out to try and have a normal conversation! (and to apologise to Paul because I snapped at him for ruining my concentration. Mind you, he was wandering around, just outside the door talking to himself and that is rather distracting!)




One response

12 11 2006

hooray for being almost half-way done! i want to read this novel when you’re done.

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