Let it all out.

7 11 2006

Some days I just want to stand up and scream. Scream long and loud until there is no breath left in me and my throat is so sore that I can hardly speak.

To make my head stop hurting and the pressure that is building up in my chest disappear.

Then I realise that today is Poosday and I shouldn’t be surprised.

make me happier by looking at my last post and coming up with something….anything!




One response

10 11 2006
Kuntry Konfession

i love those moments of chest and emotional constipation-that is, when i get to howl, screech and scream out loud from my car window-(as not to scare the inhabitants…)sometime, my screech is so fantastically horrible, it scares me silly and makes my dogs cry….(hahahaha!)do it! perferably, when you are out on a car ride, near the trees…that way you don’t have your neighbours cowering under their beds, pissin in their pants….hehehehehe!

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