Going nowhere.

27 10 2006

It is 6pm and i am in manchester airport. I have been here for a hour and a half and my flight leaves at 7.30. Airports are boring. It wouldn’t have been so bad if i was somewhere like gatwick where they have internet access where i could have blogged properly and caught up on what you all have to say but there is nothing that fancy. Instead i am stuck typing on my mobile, desperately trying to remember the email address i should send this too and contemplating whether it is possible to get rsi in my right thumb. Oh and trying to avoid the bar because if i have a drink i will want a pint and pints mean toilet breaks and i have peeing on planes. Still the flight only takes 1 hour and i am rather bored. Hmm perhaps a glass of wine instead. Hope that the start to your weekend is more promising than mine 🙂




4 responses

27 10 2006
Retro Girl

I refuse to use the loo on a plane too…*shudders*People watching at the airport is fun…but it does stink to be stuck waiting for hours..and hours…good luck!

29 10 2006
Joie DeVivre

airports suck!good job on the post by text/email, i wouldnt know where to start and my thumb couldnt take the pressure.

30 10 2006
monkey typist

whered you go?

30 10 2006

Manchester for work. It sucked really.

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