A year in the life.

25 09 2006

Ye gods, it has been a while since I posted. And there was a while between that one and the one before too. Something i9s not right in the world of fairy and blogging. I think I have lost my muse. I know I had her a few weeks back but she doesn’t seem to be around a lot anymore. Perhaps she got lost in the move? Perhaps she is just taking a little sabbatical. Well whatever it is I wish she would come back because I miss entertaining the masses (I am not inferring here that you my dear reader are massive – just that I like am slightly delusional and convince myself that three of four regular readers actually consitute me entertaining the blogging world) here on this little ol’ blog of mine.

Anyway I remembered that once upon a time I was quite witty and fun and wrote lots of posts. So I decided to cast my mind back a year or so and see what all the fuss used to be about. And what did I find? Well that on the 25th September last year I didn’t write a thing. But on the 29th I shared with you a little tale of an anniverary of mine along with the following review of my year from September 2004 – September 2005. Here it is:

Jobs: One
Payrises: Two (not huge but good none the same)
Abodes: Two
Boyfriends: One
First Kisses: Two
Blogs: One
Concerts: Loads (2005 was the year of live music)
Units of Alcohol consumed: Ha ha ha. Too many to count.
Nights spent in a tent: Nine
Festivals: One
Friends gained: A couple
Friends lost: None
Friends turned into acquaintances: A couple
Crushes at work: Two
Holidays: One
Drunken texts: Too many to count
Family health scares: Two
Grandparents passed away: One
Cars: Two
Fun times: Lots and lots. Including quite a few moments when I have looked around em and got that warm fuzzy feeling and thought all my friends are great.
Bad times: None that really stick out. That is good.

So it is only fair if I do the same. So ladies and gentlemen without further ado I bring you……..

……September 2005 – September 2006

Jobs: One
Payrises: One
Abodes: Three
Boyfriends: One
First Kisses: One
Blogs: One
Concerts: Lots
Units of Alcohol consumed: Not as many as last year but still quite a few.
Nights spent in a tent: One
Festivals: None
Friends gained: One
Friends lost: One
Friends turned into acquaintances: None
Crushes at work: Two
Crushes at work that turned into love: One
Holidays: One
Drunken texts: A lot less than last year
Family health scares: None
Grandparents passed away: One
Cars: One
Times I have been told that I am loved: I have no need to count anymore.
Fun times: Trillions
Bad times: None to write home about
New Blog Friends: Loads and I love you all.

I am so sorry that I have not been posting and that I do not seem to be around recently but it is hard to blog at work because I am usually so busy and as that is where I did most of my blogging it was going to slip there for a while. I will try and be a better blogger. I swear!!!




One response

25 09 2006

I know what you mean… my blog seems to have become exclusively movie haikus and gig photos :(I miss our silly working-day nonsense…Damn out IT department for banning the blogs!

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