History Lesson

20 09 2006

I just thought I would explain a little more about this team leader reading my blog thing. For those of you who were perhaps not around at the beginning of the year and don’t know how this came about.

First and foremost Mr Shining Wit is my friend. Despite the constant teasing and piss taking that I put up with on a daily basis we are friends!

At the beginning this blog was top secret and then after a while I let a couple people in. The full story is here but in a nutshell. I told Mouldy when I started a blog and he started one too. He told people at work and Shining Wit being the technical genius that he is found mine and started leaving comments. This was not a problem until I started seeing Paul and I got a bit freaked out about Shining Wit reading what I had to say as they know each other and have friends in common and I was being all girlie and loved up and that made me a bit scared to post.

He read that post and left me a comment saying he would respect my privacy and not read anymore. I told him not to be silly and he could read as long as he kept his mouth shut. Then I wrote this post.

Fast forward six months and the crazy fool gets the Team Leader job instead of me. So that was why I said what I did about him reading it. Anyway it is all hunky dory as he has left me this comment today (on work time I might add – he must have been reading blogs at work!!!) :


As you well know I am perfectly amenable when it comes to bribery and corruption in the work place.

So blog away to your hearts content, just dont let the ‘real’ boss catch you.

So all is well with the world!




5 responses

21 09 2006
Joie DeVivre

wow! this is a real lesson, Ive been umming and ahhing about whether to tell some work folk who know i blog, but dont know the address. i dont let everyone know 100% of myself either in real life, like some folk get 98% but thats about it. so, im a bit paranoid about how 100% i can be on my blog if it gets out. Plsd ur situation worked out, gonna check out ur sarky un’real’ boss now.

21 09 2006

I wonder if this goes for all his staff.

23 09 2006

Still could be a sticky situation…but good on him for being a good guy about it.

24 09 2006

What is going on…everyone who’s blog I read has fewer and fewer posts. I may have to find more blogs to read in the meantime.

24 09 2006
monkey typist

I SAW THEM!!i saw them, with the kissing. and also the swooning! i saw susan all 4 weddings (is it raining, i hadnt noticed/have i hurt my foot…i didnt notice)and i saw doctorkarlkennedy in his vest. VEST!then i saw dylan in his vest, then later being a pirate, and it all got too much…

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