New beginnings

18 09 2006

First full day in our new office.

It is very swish and fancy.

Loads of space and everything is really big.

Including the monitors which are high up and huge so everyone can see if I am on the internet.

This could be the end of blogging at work. Well reading blogs at least. I can still post via email!

Ooops – my new team leader reads this blog so I will have to be well behaved. Hi there Shining Wit – Boss of Customer Service Monkeys. Should you be reading blogs at work?

Anyway, I read and caught up on most of your blogs yesterday evening so I feel a bit better. I was feeling cut off from the blogsphere recently.

Sorry this will have to be short and sweet but hello there. Perhaps you could leave me a comment telling me how you are. That would be nice :o)




11 responses

18 09 2006

Tired. Busy. Allergic. 🙂

18 09 2006
monkey typist

thats a good point, people at work shouldnt be reading, what you shouldnt be writing during work!fancy is good though. i would like to be fancy.i dont really know how i am, but thank you for asking. i missed neighbours again, i didnt see the kissing one either…

18 09 2006

Very cool. Glad you got your keys back.

19 09 2006

Must suck to have your supervisor reading your blog. You could always post but make it sound like you did it at home.

19 09 2006
just a girl


19 09 2006
Kuntry Konfession

so how is he reading your blog? over your shoulder? and i’m slightly bored. thanks for asking! (grin.)

19 09 2006

There’s something to be said for full-wall cubicles… Course, then you can’t see when your boss is sneaking up behind you!

19 09 2006

Oh, I am fine, thank you for asking.Fancy new beginnings, sounds good to me. Hope you are enjoying all the new-and-exciting-ness.

19 09 2006
Retro Girl

It’s nice to have a fancy new office. I miss my old office for that reason alone…it was so beautiful and bright. Where I work now is an office in an old victorian house…and it’s dull, and outdated, badly in need of a makeover. Bleccch! Sorry about the low walls though. Makes one feel like Big Brother is always watching. That stinks–having your team leader reading your blog..and that you can’t read/write as much at work anymore. Sorry ’bout that…Hope you have a good week!Mine is off to a snoozy start…

19 09 2006

Hello (again – we did email earlier, albeit briefly) I’m good… glad you’re settling in to your new office at last! How’s the hot beverage situation there?

20 09 2006
Shining Wit

KelbagsAs you well know I am perfectly amenable when it comes to bribery and corruption in the work place.So blog away to your hearts content, just dont let the ‘real’ boss catch you.

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