Feeling sorry for myself

30 08 2006

Thanks for the nice comments that you left on my post yesterday. Will try and take all of your advice into consideration.

Well we had a bit of a lie in this morning (at least I did, Paul seemed to be up as early as usual!) and I was desperately trying to stay asleep so that I didn’t start freaking out which I knew I would do the minute I woke up. I wanted to sleep because I was having a really interesting dream where I was receiving pages of a book that a man was writing. I think he wanted me to read it to get my opinions. In the dream I went to his house and found the last three pages of the book which were obviously a very rough draft. The only thing that I remember about reading it or the actual story was that on the last page a sentence had a box around it with a note that said it was going to be removed and put in a final chapter at the end that was set in 2012. I do wish I could remember what the story was about because I have a feeling it was a great story.

Anyway, I had to get up eventually and go to the hospital. I was really nervous and poor old Paul really didn’t know what to do with me! I even shouted at him for not going exactly the way that the directions I had printed from the internet told us to go, even though he knew where we were going! I am such a pain sometimes.

I was nervous that because the cyst had gone down (it comes up and down every now and then) that they wouldn’t do anything and it would all be a wasted trip. Then I was nervous that they would do it!

The plastic surgeon was very nice and did put me at ease but they gave me loads of local anesthetic (which hurt!). I had to wiggle my toes like I was on the beach pushing them into the sand and I even held the nurses hand because I am such a baby! Then he cut me and I shouted because he hurt. He reckoned that the anesthetic was taking longer to work because of all the scar tissue. So they gave me more. Great! It is such a bizarre feeling to have someone cutting you – you can’t feel it but you sort of can!

Anyway I have 4 deep stitches and 7 stitches on the top. I was shaking so badly when we got out. I was not a happy girl at all. When the plastic surgeon left he went and told Paul that he had to be very nice to me and get me chocolate and flowers!!! He got me an eccles cake and has been making me cups of tea and getting me everything I need all day. Lots of cuddles too as I have been feeling a bit on the clingy side! It is quite difficult to walk comfortably because of where the cyst was so I do genuinely need his help and I am not milking it for sympathy!!!

The anesthetic is starting to wear off now and it hurts! I am trying to ignore it by blogging and wasting time online. Paul is cooking my dinner now bless him.

When this is all sorted I am going to try and get my back sorted out. As soon as that is done I am going to start exercising everyday as I need to lose some weight so I can get back into my stunning party frock for this year’s Christmas party. I have three months and I am determined to be able to wear that dress again!

No news on the job yet. Save that for tomorrow!




6 responses

30 08 2006
monkey typist

other people watch neighbours too! i think mouldy and/or adam do as well.i hope youre feeling better

30 08 2006

Blimey, so much has happened in one week! Now I know why you weren’t at work when I emailed… I hope you’re okay and taking it easy, but I’m sure Paul is taking good care of you :)I have a suggestion for a future post – how about your funniest drunk story?

30 08 2006
Retro Girl

KellyHope you get to feeling better and like your old self in no time. Sounds like Paul is being super sweet and helpful – glad you have such a wonderful guy to take care of you! :-)Keeping my fingers crossed for you on the promotion 🙂

31 08 2006

Oh, I haven’t read in a while and tonight I was doing some catch up. I hope everything goes well. You should read the divinities blog I have on my blog roll for someone who had some ovarian cysts removed.

31 08 2006
Kuntry Konfession

aie! get to feeling better! you deserve grumblings and cuddlings all you need! (grin).

31 08 2006

Glad that it wasnt too bad! Also glad that you have a hunky man to take care of you!

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