Roses are red (and white!)

23 08 2006

Thanks for your comments on my post yesterday. I know it seems like I am taking the fun out of blogging, and putting myself under a lot of pressure but it is more of an exercise in writing for me than hard and fast rules. I just feel at the moment that I don’t like my blog anymore and unless I do something I will just stop blogging and that would be a disaster.

Anyway today I am just going to write about me and today. Nice and easy.

Paul is away in Germany on business for a few days so last night I invited Lovely Lady from upstairs (at work) to come over for dinner and a couple of drinks and a lovely chat. Which is what we did, and it was really nice. The thing is we always make plans to catch up then one or the other of us seems to get ill. But we were good to go yesterday and she spent the night in our spare room (which has not been so spare recently with lots of visitors coming and going!).

Then this morning I woke up and felt dreadful. Sore throat, swollen glands, a good sniffle and a cracking headache. I swear I am never making plans with that girl again!!!!

I text Paul when I woke up and said that I was feeling rubbish. He emailed me when I got to work to see if I was ok. He is so sweet.

Then at lunchtime i went downstairs and in reception there was a present for me.

12 beautiful roses with a card saying that he misses me and hopes I feel better soon.

I love that guy so much.

So tonight will not be pub with the girls for me. It will now be sofa, duvet and a DVD :o)




2 responses

24 08 2006

Paul is one sweet chap! Hang on to him!!

25 08 2006
Kuntry Konfession

what a sweetheart!

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