Piranha fish

17 08 2006

I have an interview this afternoon for a promotion to team leader, I go from not caring at all to being a nervous wreck. The worst bit is that there are three positions available and we have never had team leaders before so we are all friends going up against each other.This has probably been made worse by the fact that on the other two teams only one person has applied but on my team four of the five members have applied. Shining Wit and Mouldy had their interviews last week. I hate interviews at the best of times. I was preparing last night and Paul was trying to make me feel better but instead he said “Well you do have an inetrview with two of the biggest piranhas in the company”.

Hmm, that really did not help calm my nerves.

But it did make me laugh.




6 responses

17 08 2006
Shining Wit

Break a leg Kelbags… You won’t be able to see their teeth through all that hair!;-)

17 08 2006

Ooooh – good luck on your interview! Team Leader – how exciting!

17 08 2006
Retro Girl

You can do it. Just take a deep breath and go in there prepared. You’ll knock their socks off!! I know you will.Good Luck lady 🙂

17 08 2006

good luck, kell!

17 08 2006

I hadn’t checked to see you were back…so ‘wecome back’! And good luck with the job promotion. I hope you get it! Is it lots more money?

18 08 2006
Kuntry Konfession

just to let you know, the natives around the amazon eat piranhas, even swim in the water…and they’re okay…the trick is to know their behaviour and push the fear aside, showing them your “frying pan” too. good lucks!

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