24 hours in Kelly’s World.

4 08 2006


3pm     Okay so welcome to 24 hours of my mundane life. This is gonna be good I am sure. Mouldy started this off. Check out his site for more "Noting of the Mundane". Here is mine anyway. At the moment I am sat at my desk in my office typing away at this pretending to be busy. You will be pleased to know I have fooled no-one. I am drinking tea and it is steaming up my glasses. Mouldy keeps emailing me and I have just spent some time leaving comments on his blog. Right better do 5 mins work. Oh no, another email from Mouldy to distract me!

3.05    Have to tell Mouldy not to cut his hair with work scissors because he is bored. 2 seconds later he is crying because a large lump came out. Sometimes it is like babysitting (he might kill me for that comment!)

3.15    Had a break and went outside with Paul for a cigarette. He has had a very stressful day but is a bit happier now.

3.25    Came back in to a sarky comment from Mouldy about sending out a search party because he was worried. Made a phonecall and sent an email. Printed an order from the email and realised this is the most productive I have been all day. Loo break I think now!

3.53    Um…where did the last 20 mins go?

3.54    Right head down, do some work.

4.20    Mouldy is in a mood with me as we had a slight altercation 10 minutes ago. Not good as he is coming for dinner at mine tonight.

4.35    Wow. Someone at work just told Mouldy that he has having a big gay strop. Have to diffuse the situation by admitting that I have upset him and we had best leave him alone.

4.40    Email conversation with Mouldy. A truce has been struck. Nice.

5.00    Leave work with Mouldy in tow. Paul is grabbed by a man needing to talk to him. The car is blocked into the car park. Mouldy needs the toilet. Quick getaway denied.

5.10    Car is free and we are all in it. Time to go off and collect G#1.

5.15    Bah. Traffic.

5.20    Still in traffic. Bored now

5.25    Collect G#1. Buy wine and milk and head on home for their first visit. Lovely

5.45    The guided tour. Everyone is very nice about our house.

6.00    Time to cook dinner. Chicken and spring vegetables in a tarragon sauce. Mmmmmmm.

6.30    Phone sister as it is her birthday, Have a conversation with my nephew. I get all teary whenever this happens because he can answer me properly. When I asked him if I would be allowed to go in his swimming pool he said "of course you can". He is only 2 and a half. Bless!

6.45    Eat dinner and drink wine. Nice conversations. I appear to have regressed to the eating habits of a 5 year old. Make a lot of mess. Nice dinner though.

7.15    Pudding! Yummy ice cream.

7.30    Flop on sofas and digest. Watch Eastenders.

8.00    Give Mouldy and G#1 lifts home and to the train station respectively.

8.30    Return home. In the time I was gone Paul has put the bike rack on the back of the car, tested his false crossbar and packed for the holiday. Men are so annoying sometimes.

8.35    Panic about packing. Paul makes me sit down and make a list. Feel instantly better.

9.15    I have packed. Put things downstairs. Paul has 1 bag and 2 pairs of shoes and a rucksack for day trips. I have 6 pairs of shoes, 2 handbags, 1 bag of clothes, I bag with picnic things in, a coolbag, a blanket, my hat, a bag with books in for me, a bag with books in for my sister.

9.30    Go to bed and watch a very strange programme on TV with Rob Brydon in it. They were at some sort of weather / sky station in the outback and there was camel racing involved.

11.00   Went to sleep.


12.45   Woke up having scratched my insect bites in my sleep. Had to wake Paul up as he had packed the bite cream. Bitched and moaned for 10 minutes then went to sleep

6.30    Alarm goes off.

6.31    I go off "Do you know what today is, do ya? Do ya? Come on wake up it is the day of our HOLIDAY! Yay! Woo Hoo!" Paul "GRUNT".

6.32    I fall straight back asleep. Paul is awake now. Oops.

6.50    Paul convinces me to get up and make tea.

6.53    Cut pollen bits (stamens) from Lillies as they are staining everything. Remember I am meant to be making tea.

7.00    Cup of tea. Back in bed! Paul is watching the news. Small scuffle ensues which I win. Now watching the Tweenies. That gets him out of bed and into the shower. Switch channels to music channel and perv over Justin Timberlake.

7.30    Pack last bits for holiday

8.00    Leave and go to work.

8.15    Arrive at work. Say my good mornings and turn on computer. Start list of what I have to do today.

8.36    Remember to turn on my phone, only 6 minutes late! Look at list of things I have to do and sob as it is almost a page long. Realise that I will have to put off filing in the blanks of my 24 hours that I have from last night and do some proper work instead.

8.38    Check blog for any comments left overnight! Notice that My Life: Only the good stuff has a new post so read and leave comment. Right. I must start work. Sigh.

8.42    Just pop in and copy the Friday Five questions from last week to answer today. Set reminder in calendar to set out of office before I leave this evening. Think about going to get a drink but realise if I wait I will be able to convince Mouldy to get me one in when he arrives at 9. Log into my system and start work.

8.55    Must not look on the internet. Must just keep working. Must not look on internet. Must keep working.

9.06    It is a miracle. I am still working. Mouldy is refusing to make tea though which is very unfair. Result, new girl just offered. Hurrah!

9.16    Here comes the tea. My resolve just folded and I checked Lèonie’s blog and left a comment. It was a very nice, exciting, happy post from yesterday which I didn’t have time to read. The tone was just perfect for a Friday morning and it was a list which as we all know is one of my favourite things! Saw that Mr Angry had left a comment for her also so decided to go and read his post. Laughed out loud. Got some funny looks. Better do some more work.

9.26    Try tea. Hmm, not sure they have put the sugar in. Remember that when I was at the opera this week (la de da) someone had put two sachets of sugar in my bag. Handy. Slurp. Mmmmm, that is better!

9.33    Email from Evil Pete. Read and reply. Get distracted by my blog.

9.42    Ah, email conversation and reading one blog and bam! There goes 10 mins. Oh look, another email!

9.44    Phone call brings me back to reality. Right I will work now for at least 30 mins solid.

10.25   Spot a nice man walking past my door so go outside for a break with him.

10.30 Oh dear. Protesters have turned up outside work. Break ruined and have to sneak in a back door.

11.05   Protesters are still here but I have just worked for more than 30 minutes solid. Feel a bit smug. Send an email then think about doing the Friday Five. Receive funny Friday friendship email and have to post pictures because they really made me laugh and I had the urge to spread some laughter. Cos I am nice like that!

11.22   I’ve gone blogging mad. Three posts in 20 minutes. Crazy stuff. Read Mouldy Mundane Post. Watch Paul walk into his office opposite mine. My favourite past-time at work *Grins*

11.40   Protestors have gone but have left me with a headache. Dammit!

12.00   Lunchtime. A very nice man said he would buy me a sandwich in town. But he is a meeting. Do I stay? Do I go?

12.05   Okay, he is still in there. I have to be back by 1. Are they getting up? Yep. He is out.

12.07   Sign off computer. Go to find Paul. He has gone straight into his boss’ office with the door closed. Give up waiting and leave.

12.08   make it round the back of the building and get a call from Paul. He catches me up!

12.10   Pick up voicemail on mobile from Barbie in HR. Hi Kelly, just leaving you a message because I know you are not in the office today" Um..yes I am! Interview for Team Leader position is 17th August at 2.30. Which I knew already anyway. Nice.

12.30   Town. Walk around Boots 4 times before giving up trying to find what I am looking for. Get in queue to pay for Shampoo and spot it. Go and get items, lose place in queue. Great.

12.35   Paul has bought me a sandwich and a yum yum. Walk back from town.

1.00    Back at desk, turn on phone and leave sarky message for Barbie in HR. I am in today, I already knew about the interview and you can reach me at my desk until 5pm. Ha.

1.10    I am alone on my team. I am IN CHARGE. Beware all people who may come in asking for help, the power has gone to my head and I might demand that people address me as "Kelly High Priestess of all that is Good and Nice in the World and in Customer Services". Then again I might just demand that they bring me treats in exchange for work. Yep I will pimp my brain out for sugar based snacks. Or I might just get them to smile and say please.

1.12    Shall I do some work? No I think I will eat my lunch and post another funny email I have received today.

1.27    Look at me multi tasking. Eating and working at the same time. I am disappointed that I have had no phone calls or people come and see me. What’s the point of being in charge if you can’t act all powerful?

1.35    Lovely lady comes down from upstairs and we have a lovely chat. Typically my phone that has not rung once in the past 35 minutes started the minute our conversation got started. Managed to get rid of most calls but it was distracting and annoying.

2.00    Mouldy returns from the pub where he has been having lunch.

2.05    Get called over by a colleague and have to help her do something that I am the official trainer for but I have completely forgotten how to do. Muddle though by going to see Paul for help time and time again.

2.30    Mouldy ends up sending out a search party for me. I run back into the office apologising and saying that I had been sorting out (boring work thing) with Paul and he exclaims rather loudly "Well I have heard it called some things in my time but never that". Cue laughter from colleagues.

3pm     Wow. That past hour went so fast. Feels like it should be 4pm though and it is only 3. I hate having the early lunch as my afternoon goes so slowly. But I guess that is full of contradictions. Think people might have forgotten I am going on holiday as well I am doing too much work.

Well that is 24 hours of the Mundane. A snapshot of my life. Thanks for tuning in!




3 responses

4 08 2006

How could anyone ever forget that youa re going on holiday? You mention it every other second! Enjoy it though

5 08 2006
monkey typist

well that all sounds quite productive to me. have a great holiday!

2 03 2007

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