Friday Five that I was planning on doing last Friday.

3 08 2006

1. What talent(s) do you have that could make you famous?

I cannot think of anything. I would love to write a book and then get it published which would make me famous but I don’t think I would ever be good enough. My tap dancing is quite amusing but again, not going to make me famous!

2. If you could be famous for one day, what would you do?

Hide in my house probably. I hate being the centre of attention.

3. If you were so famous that money was no object, where would you live?

Cornwall. Not very exciting I know but I would be near my family in my favourite place ever. I would travel a lot in winter though!

4. If you could meet any famous person, who would it be?

Reece Witherspoon. There is something about her that fascinates me and I could listen to her accent all day!

5. What would be your famous catch phrase/quote/motto/last words?

According to my so called “friends” I used to say “It’s not fair” a great deal. I think that this paints me in a less than favourable light and I would like to point out that I am much more grown up about things. Now I say “It’s not fair but life isn’t fair”. I think this shows a well rounded take on life. I think my motto would be something that would incorporate doing unto others as I would myself and be a good friend. Perhaps “do unto my friends as I would do onto myself” but I am not entirely sure that makes sense. Perhaps it would just be a long list of swearwords instead???? Quite likely actually.




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3 08 2006

I found the answer to number two interesting. I would answer the same way but you and I are both Leos and are supposed to love the spotlight. I guess there are two of us that it isn’t quite the case.

4 08 2006

I would like to be famous. I think I’d like to be a singer/songwriter, or an author. I’ve often had a facination with singer/songwriters…always men. Once my facination with a particular singer in a band made me do silly things, but that’s another story entirely.I have often thought I should be famous though and have decided it will be through authoring a book.

4 08 2006
Retro Girl

I’d like to be known for my photography..(now if I could just get better at think you could easily be a well known writer…you sorta already are 🙂

4 08 2006

go with the swear words.I think my motto is “What part of ________ don’t you understand?” Fill in the blank with pretty much anything. Although I think I use NO a lot with my kids.

1 02 2007
4 03 2007

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