Please Blogger let me post pictures of my new house

1 08 2006

As promised here are some pictures of our house! Blogger has been relatively well behaved and let me post quite a few of them today! The house is looking tidy now but I really need to get some pictures up and do something with our bedroom as it is really quite dull compared to the rest of the house.

My Kitchen. I had to sit on the unit to take this one. If you look carefully you will be able to spot Delilah, my knitted penguin wine bottle cover that I received for my birthday lurking at the back on the left!

The front room, in one direction the dining area. This is the first time that I have had a table to sit at and eat my dinner for the past couple of years and it is great.

Paul working hard as usual in the living room bit!

Couldn’t get a decent shot of the bathroom but I wanted to show the colour on the walls – it is bright but I love it.

Spare bedroom where I keep all my clothes. We are going to get a desk for this room so I have somewhere to write.

The garden with chairs and a shed! It is so dry out there at the moment but I plan on doing something with it for next year.

Our boring bedroom. Really need to brighten it up.

Me in the mirror!




9 responses

1 08 2006

WOW! That looks like a really nice flat and to say that you have only been in a week it seems really organised. Well done.

1 08 2006

I also love the colour in the bathroom. The place looks lovely, I’m so happy for you. Are you having a housewarming party? Can bloggers come?!

1 08 2006

Mouldy – um HOUSE! You will know better when you come on Thursday and I refuse to let you upstairs to use the toilet!Lèonie – I am desperate to have a moving in party but so busy at the mo. But you will be invited!

1 08 2006

That house looks great.

1 08 2006
Retro Girl

Looks very nice! Very warm inviting colors. (My bathroom is almost the same color! Wakes ya up, doesn’t it? hehe)I love the penguin too :-)Congrats on your new wonderful place!

2 08 2006

Cool! Thanks for sharing your photos, your new house looks lovely!

2 08 2006

I love your new house! And Paul looks really happy! You must be so excited!

2 08 2006

Very nice!

24 04 2007

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