Monday afternoon

25 07 2006

It is hot again today. I have two fans pointing at me, and it is just about keeping me cool but the one on my desk blows my hair into my eyes which makes them itch. Add to that the fact that hayfever only affects my eyes so they are itchy and what you have is Kelly a la blood shot eyes. What a great look. It is emphasised with the bags under my eyes that I sprouted overnight after I fell asleep on the sofa for a hour and the act of getting upstairs into bed woke me up completely and it was after 2am by the time I managed to get back to sleep. When the alarm went off this morning at 6.30am I was a very unhappy young lady. So my sleepiness plus the heat has not really resulted in a very productive day work wise. Still the boss is off for two weeks so I don’t think I will be getting in too much trouble.

I had a lovely weekend though. Paul cooked me a lovely meal on Friday night and we had an evening of drinking and eating and talking. While he was cooking I actually spent some me time, painting my nails and generally faffing about, drinking wine and making myself look purty!

Saturday we got up and watched Saturday kitchen and I cooked us a very unhealthy fry up for breakfat (but YUM), then Paul went into town to get some bits and I was a lazy cow and went back to bed. After an extra hour of sleep I got up and between us we finished all the unpacking and tidying up that we still needed to do. His Mum and Dad came around for a cup of tea and to inspect the new abode. They bought me some flowers which were lovely, I have a house and fresh flowers, what more could a girl want?

Then we made a huge lasagne for Sunday lunch as we were having friends over, had dinner and then walked to the pub up the road for our first drink in situ so to speak. This is the conversation we had as we were walking to the pub.

Paul: The moon is bright and low tonight isn’t it?

Kelly: Sweetie, that’s the sun.

Then I proceeded to laugh so hard that I couldn’t walk. Everytime I looked at him I just started giggling again! In between gasping for air I told him I would have to blog that one!
Sunday we went shopping for a new tyre for my car (no joy) and a bike rack for our car (joy). Then we had his best friend, his wife and Paul’s two Godchildren over for lunch. The girl is 3 and the little boy is just about 18 months. They totally wore us out but it was great fun. We went to the oub and sat in the garden. Great workout for my arms, lifting small childen on and off the slide.

They left at dinner time and a bit later we went to the pub again to see Paul’s sister and a couple of her friends. It got quite chilly sat outside in the evening but it was so nice to be cold for a change I really didn’t care. Back home in time for a cup of tea, a biscuit and then falling asleep on the sofa. What joys!




3 responses

26 07 2006
monkey typist

you have a SLIDE???

26 07 2006

I wish, the pub does down the road.Apparently I am too old for it. *Sulks*

26 07 2006
monkey typist

pah, stuff them. ‘my’ pub used to have the best playground ever, now its like, a crappy bit of grass. if they still had it id play on it. sounds like you had a great weekend though

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