Red Hot Chili Peppers

21 07 2006

So for Paul’s birthday (which is next weekend) I bought him tickets to go and see the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I knew he had been trying to get tickets when they first went on sale but had no luck. So when I saw some more seated tickets go on sale I decided it would be a great birthday present.

The gig was a Earl’s Court and I have never been there before so I happily booked the tickets. They were seated but I didn’t really care.

So we trouped the whole way up to London in the ridiculous heat on Monday. I refused to get on the tube when we got there because it was 30 degrees on the surface let alone in the bowels of the earth with millions of people packed in like the proverbial sardines.

A hour later we arrived at Earls Court, hot and tired but victorious as we had found our way there solely using the street maps on the side of bus stops. We queued, we got in. We bought a drink and then went and found our seats. There seemed to eb a lot ofstairs between us and our seats but it seemed like a mere hop, skip and a jump because I was SO EXCITED.

Through the door and I immediately knew we were in trouble. Small very tiered seats and we were on the level three down from the top. Our seats were right next to the stairs and we got into them.

One look at Paul and I knew it was all over.

The seating is STEEP people. Like very. And we were HIGH.

And Paul suffers from Vertigo.

He clung on for his dear life for about 30 minutes – luckily the Chili’s started about 10 minutes after we got there. They were AMAZING.

Then we had to leave because Paul was white and shaking and really that is not a great birthday present for anyone.

I was gutted but more worried about him really. He was so apologetic.

I managed to hear Dani California, The Zepher Song and one of my all time favourites Scar Tissue (the hair rose on the back of my neck for that one – blew me away).

Next time I will know to get standing only :o)




3 responses

21 07 2006

The chilis are great. Too bad about Paul’s vertigo but I can emphasize, you should see me on the roof of my house, a complete chicken.Enjoy your weekend.

22 07 2006

LOL, I just got a laugh from the comment above me…emphasize instead of empathize. Anyway, sorry the present didn’t get the expected result. Poor Paul.

24 07 2006
Retro Girl

Scar Tissue is one of my faves!! I bet it was a great concert…So sorry about Paul’s vertigo…I can sympathize, I’m afraid of heights too. I’d have been clawing the arm of the chair or my seat…Happy Bday Paul *Waving*

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