Race for Life

3 07 2006

On Saturday afternoon I took part in the Race for Life at Stanmer park. Unfortunately we are in the middle of a heatwave at the moment so it was 30 oC + out there and I do not cope well with either heat or sun. I still managed to run almost half of it, and with the thousands of people that were there you couldn’t go that fast. G#2 had to pull out due to health reasons at the last minute but Dawnie and G#1 managed to get round in 38 minutes. I was behind them at 46 but I was still so proud of myself when I finished. And I got a medal. I have never had a medal before in my life.

I raised £257.75 in total which is just amazing and if you add the gift aid to that it makes almost £300. Fabulous.

my hair looks horrible in the photo but it is all stuffed up inside a cap! More photos should follow – I took my camera but the batteries were flat. Gra was there with his camera so he has promised me a set when he gets a chance.




4 responses

3 07 2006

Well done!!!!Running in that kind of heat is horrible. I did a 6km run in simular heat once. I actually thought I was going to die. Well done, you stuck to it, you got to the end. You should be dead proud!

3 07 2006

Excellent. Not only for running but the reason behind doing it. You are amazing.

3 07 2006
Retro Girl

I agree – you are an amazing woman!! WOW! You made it, despite the heat, you raised a lot of money for an important cause…and your Mum and Grandma would be very proud!!*HUGS* You rock!

4 07 2006

Congratulations in doing the run and finishing it.

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