Paddle around the pier

3 07 2006

Here are some photos from this Sunday’s Paddle around the pier. We were down the beach at 7am and the paddle was actually at 3pm. I was completely shattered after being on the beach and in the sun all day but it was fun. Think I actually spent more time on the beach yesterday than I did all summer last year :o)

There are more but Blogger has had enough of me this morning I think!


I don’t think I would feel safe on this deckchair!

Pirate Ship

The beach was very busy.

They are off! Look at them go!

And here they are coming back.




4 responses

3 07 2006
Retro Girl

The race looks like a lot of fun! Great photos!

3 07 2006

That looks so much fun! Wish I had been there!

4 07 2006

It does look like fun. I really like the pirate ship…arrrr

16 07 2006

Great event, i was in charge of water safety for the day and one of the organisers. More in water shots at

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