Lists and things

27 06 2006

It is amazing how you can spend money that you have not already had. Things I will be spending the money on(after the taxman takes his healthy lump)

  • Debts – £1600
  • Washing Machine – £200
  • House deposit – £325
  • Concert  Theatre with Mouldy to say thanks – £80

Goodbye money.

Songs that have been going through my head all day:

  • Roy Orbison – I drove all night.
  • The Muppet Show – theme tune.
  • The song that goes "dada da dadada da da, dada da dadada da, dada da dadada da da, dada da dada da TEQUILA!

Things that I have to organise tonight:

  • Saturday’s plan for Race For Life
  • Sunday’s plan for Paddle Around The Pier

Things that I am worried about:

  • Getting my reference for the letting agents from my landlady
  • Whether I will manage to get the enthusiasm together to go out tonight
  • Whether G#2 is resting enough. She had an operation and seems to be doing too much
  • What G#1 will say about my house news
  • My obsession with lists at the moment. It’s a sickness I tell you. I even add things I have already done so I can tick them off.

Things that I am happy about:

  • We got our moving in date – 16th July.
  • My blog is 1 on Saturday
  • I am looking forward to this weekend
  • Paul




6 responses

27 06 2006

To those of you who don’t know. I am the Queen that the Fairy referred to in the previous post. I fear I have been misrepresented but I don’t know how.Its a nice feeling to know that I am partly responsible for your current happiness.Long may it last!

28 06 2006

congrats on the 1 year birthday. I can’t beleive I have been reading a little less than that.

28 06 2006
monkey typist

so youre taking him to a queen concert..?frosties are so nice, if you live near a spa- they have like a little WALL of sweeties.

28 06 2006
Retro Girl

Mouldy – I think she represents you in the highest regard…Doesn’t seem that she meant any harm… Congrats on your job!Fairy–1. I like Lists2. Happy Blog B-Day!3. Enjoy the Race and the Paddling4. Don’t worry too much about the references or the move…it’ll all work out.LOLTake care

30 06 2006

I make a million and one lists every day. If I’m not writing them down I’m doing them in my head. They help. Also spider diagrams. I’ve already made two spider diagrams and one list today. Oh God.Congratulations on the year of blogging, and on all the other happy things, you deserve it. All the worry things will work out. Race for life tomorrow, right? Good luck!

30 06 2006

Lists are fun, more people should make lists

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