The one where I will list the things and then tell you more

26 06 2006

1. Camping is fun
2. My amazing good luck
3. Phone calls at work
4. Dead birds
5. Upsetting the Queen
6. Jelly beans
7. Boxer shorts
8. Rain
9. World Cup quarter Finals
10. Moving / Blogging

1. This weekend I took Paul camping for the first time. We got up early on Saturday and drove to the New Forest. The weather was beautiful and we wandered around a few picturesque villages and went for a lovely walk along Beaulieu river. The sun was out and it was all very relaxing. We got to the campsite at about 4, set up the tent and then lay in the sun for a few hours before setting off through the woods to the local pub. Luckily it was cloudy but not raining yesterday morning so we got up and made tea and bacon sandwiches then packed up and came home. It was just so nice. Saturday evening I was so relaxed and so happy I just couldn’t believe it.

2. I mentioned before that I was getting some money for Mouldy getting a permanent job with my company. Well usually you get a lump sum when they start and another lump sum when they have successfully got through their probation. I found out today that because he has worked here as a temp for a year I get the WHOLE LOT IN ONE GO. That is £3000 pounds people. Even after they tax it it is still a lot of money. Goodbye debts, hello non squeaky brakes on car, hello washing machine, hello pretty things for my new house. Wheeeeeee!

3. Today I have managed to get through a whole day without switching my new headset off accidentally which results in me being unable to hear the person on the end of the phone and them thinking that I have cut them off. It’s all good!

4. There was a dead bird at the back of work when I went to the gym this morning. Totally disgusting and made me feel rather ill.

5. My comment about moving onto a team with 3 guys and a queen has upset the queen. Well what he actually said was "I take issue with you saying that you will be working with 3 guys and a queen. It’s true but I still have an issue with it."

6. I can only eat Jelly Beans in a certain colour order – White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Pink, Red then Black.

7. I have a cyst at the top of my leg which is rather uncomfortable. When I saw the doctor last week she said I wasn’t to wear knickers with elastic at the tops of the legs so I went out and bought some boxer shorts. Thing is they are a pain in the backside under trousers and I have been wriggling all day. How do men cope?

8. It’s been raining all afternoon. That sucks.

9. On Saturday at 4pm England is playing in the quarter finals of the World Cup. I have my Race for Life run at 2pm. Something tells me I will not make it in front of a TV in time to watch it. Hopefully the second half. I am GUTTED. Still it’s for charity and it’s just a football game (sob).

10. We are still waiting for all the references to come back for our house we want to rent. I am so excited. We are planning to get a desk in the spare room and I will be able to blog at home again as Paul will be downstairs. I know I have been rubbish recently but work is way too busy and I don’t get any other time alone!




6 responses

27 06 2006

I love camping, hope it went well. No pictures? Awesome news with the money. I have no problem with boxers but I wear the tighter biker boxers. Plus with the World Cup, I am afraid that you and I are on separate sides of that game. I am going for Portugal, supporting my beautiful wife. We will just need to suspend the blog friendship for a weekend.

27 06 2006

Hey, you gave us mister spoon so we can forgive you for the lack of posts. Congrats on the money. Spend it wisely.

27 06 2006
Retro Girl

Congrats on the bonus! What a timely windfall! Nice to find some relief from debt and cash to resolve some other issues 🙂 (I keep trying to win the lottery over here..but it’s not working so far!!)You could always get some Bum-Floss (aka Thongs) instead of boxers lol…but that might pose another problem or two….*chuckle*I love the comment by the 4th fellow–“It’s true but I still have an issue with it” He’ll get over it…He was probably just having PMS or is that QMS (Queenie Man Syndrome) lol.Sounds like the picnic was fun and relaxing 🙂

27 06 2006

you’re moving in with paul? awesome. congrats and good luck.

27 06 2006
monkey typist

your parcel is on its way..i should have sent you some budwiser y-fronts, theyre comfy!

28 06 2006

I’m with the others on the ‘up-the-butt’ udnerwear instead of the boxers. Only at first you’ll think them uncomfortable, but after a while everything else is just too damned much fabric. AND, you can say goodbye to panty-lines!!

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