Blogging on the big screen

30 05 2006

Hello. Guess what? I have the flu. Or at least a particularly nasty cold and cough combination that has had me bedridden for the past 48 hours. So what is quite possibly my biggest week at work so far this year has decended into chaos and I am too bunged up, wheezey and feeling sorry for myself to even care. Which is completely not like me at all. The only thing I can concentrate on is a constant flow of hot drinks and where my next tissue is coming from.

So I am holed up in Paul’s flat, watching films that I constantly drift off in the middle of and trying to keep myself hydrated which is a struggle as I appear to have turned into a very absorbant young thing as I am constantly drinking and constantly thirsty. It adds extra bathroom trips to my hell though which are great because I get to see quite how pasty and minging I actually look.

If you can’t tell I am feeling particually sorry for myself. I think it is because despite all my craziness and panicing I was going to bite the bullet so to speak and drive to Heathrow, pick up colleagues from far off lands and drive into London to take them to meet one of our customers. I was scared by I wasn’t going to let it beat me. I was going to do it and be proud of myself when I had. There goes that great triumph I tell you. Think the best I can expect is to drag myself up to the hotel for tomorrow night and hope that I am well enough to do my presentations on Thursday. It all sounds like far too much effort at the moment but that is not surprising as I have to psyche myself up to go into the kitchen and boil the kettle.

Anyway, the good thing about being here is that the laptop is linked up to the tv so I can sit in my PJ’s and blog away and I don’t have to squint at the screen because my words are huge. So yes people, it is true. My blog on TV, who’d have thought eh?

If you haven’t already go here and enter the competition. Someone has to fight it out with Soulmining for the top spot!!!Thanks to all of you that have entered!




11 responses

30 05 2006

Sorry you are so sick. It’s often hard to recall what it was like to be well when you’re sick. I too have a cold brewing in my chest at the moment and I’m hoping it doesn’t get any worse. Yet, if it were, I could curl up on the couch, as you are doing, and watch movies all day…which sounds nice.

30 05 2006

Ah, shitsticks, hope you feel better soon.Blogging on the big screen. Hmmm, there’s a reality TV show in that…

30 05 2006

Bum, I wondered why you were ignoring my emails today, now I know why… get well soon!!

30 05 2006

Thank goodness it’s free of commercials.

30 05 2006

Hang in there and hope the cold is done soon.

30 05 2006

Bless you!That is all I am saying! I hope it is enough!

31 05 2006
Retro Girl

Hope you are feeling wonderful again in no time…Enjoy the rest! 🙂

31 05 2006

Sorry to hear you are ill! There is a lot of bugs going round!Must be this wet drought we are having!

31 05 2006

Only got 4 right, but considering I’m failry new here, I don’t think that’s too bad. Are you sure “Love Cats” isn’t your favorite song?

31 05 2006

Hope you feel better soon!

31 05 2006

Feeling any better today?

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