Ah, Monday again!

22 05 2006

Friday’s disappointments

G#2 blew mw out again on Friday night. Which was so frustrating as I really needed a drink and a rant after Friday at work. I text her back and told here every time I am free in the next week and a bit – now she has no excuse! Things got a bit better after Saturday when Dawnie rang me and today G#2 emailed me and asked me if I wanted to go round for dinner and Lost on Tuesday so maybe they are starting to realise how things have been recently.

Saturday night is date night

Paul had asked me to keep this Saturday free a few weeks ago (he was going to take me to London to go to the Theatre) but it turned out that he had to work on Saturday lunchtime so he promised to take me for dinner Saturday night instead. I got all dressed up (new dress that I love – black with white polka dots and a great, full, swingy skirt on it). There was a dodgy moment when I caught him changing his nice shoes to trainers (“but they are Nike Air Max blah blah blah blah, cannot get them anymore blah, blah) but when I threatened to get changed into my jeans because I felt too overdressed he put the nice shoes back on! We went and had Tapas at La Tasca then we went to Valentino’s for cocktails where we spent many hours and many pounds! I had a Moscow Mule, a Fallen Angel (ohhhhh yummy! It was a special and it had summer fruits, honey rum, vodka, lime all topped up with champange – divine!), something beginning with C that I can’t remember and a Tuscan Mule. So nice, but I was really rather tiddly at the end! Soulmining came and met us for a drink when he finally managed to finish work at about 9.30 ao he got to meet Paul which was nice (and I think Paul was relieved to meet the mysterious man that I keep going off to meet every couple of weeks). We got home (very squiffy) and watched the results of The Eurovision Song contest which was very amusing!

Sunday is a day of rest.

Yesterday I got up, made a fry up for breakfast then plonked myself on the sofa with the duvet and watched Doctor Who, then Valiant, then The Day After Tomorrow then read my book and finished off with Lost. I was hungover and just kept eating all day. It was lovely!

Monday rears it’s ugly head.

I was dreading coming to work this morning. I went and saw my boss first thing to get the stuff with FC out in the open. She has promised that she will be talking to him and explaining that this sort of behaviour is unacceptable. She did say that this would usually be classed as Gross Misconduct but she wants to give him a warning first. However if it ever happens again it will be a disciplinary matter. I just hope that if it ever does happen again she will stick to her guns and fire him. I have been avoiding him all day and don’t plan on talking to him any time soon.




2 responses

23 05 2006

Your weekend sounds lovely. I like the idea of your Sunday, post-cocktails, lounging and eating and just relaxing. Mmmm.I hope that things get better with FC. You’re so much better off than he is, he is clearly someone with difficulties and you are wonderful.

24 05 2006
Retro Girl

Your weekend sounded wonderful! I bet the new dress was beautiful…the evening with Paul sounds elegant and like a lot of fun! (I wish hubby would take me out on a dress-up date!)hmm hints are in order! 😉

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