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19 05 2006

Warning: There is a lot of very rude words in this post. Please do not read if you get offended.

I am absolutely fucking furious. I knew this week was going bad but it just got worse. It is probably far too difficult to explain without having to explain a lot about my job but I will try.
The project that I have been on since the beginning of time (well 7 months) required me to set up a whole new process for how we deal with a certain type of account. Then I had to get all the info right on each of these accounts so the new process will work.

I have been working all week in a tiny room in the basement, popping up to see my team (they are my peers but I am the most experienced person on the team) every couple of hours or so and giving them any advice they need. I went up today and one of them, let’s call him Fucking Cunt, told me that he had sent some stock to a customer. I patiently explained that this was NOT HOW IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE DONE and as I left he made some smart comment behind my back about how it will never work and implying that the last bloody seven months of my life has just been wasted.

Now you all get that I am at the end of my tether a bit with the whole work thing at the moment. I am putting everything I have into it and unless I get some co-operation from fuckwits like him it will never work. But it can and I really believe that. But it won’t happen overnight and effort is needed from everyone to get it to work.

Anyway I sucked it up and went back down into the basement and sent this text to Paul (who is at home dying of the Man Cold – bless him) “Will you support me if I get fired for thumping Fucking Cunt?”.
Anyway, about 20 minutes later the person in charge of my project appears and it would seem that Fucking Cunt had gone complaining to her. Well seems like he didn’t give her all the details so she came round to my way of thinking but the upshot of it was that we came to a compromise that should suit us all.

So I trundled back upstairs to see the team and explain what we would do if the situation occurred in the future. But Fucking Cunt kept arguing the same point over and over. I really was trying to explain why we need to take certain steps and he just wouldn’t even let me finish. So I said “Wait a minute, can we just put this into perspective, how many times has this situation occured in the past ?”

Well it was like I had said his mother was a whore or something. He jumped out of his chair and said “This is all a bunch of fucking shit” and stormed out. EVERYONE in the room heard him (15 people – horray). All I managed was a parting “I won’t stand being spoken to like that” before he flew out of there and I felt the tears coming.

My boss is not here today but her second in command was and she said she would say something to him. I just started to cry. I am giving every last bit of me to getting this right and that big fat wanker throws a tantrum. She has just come back to me and said that she told him it was not acceptable and he just said that I was winding him up. I tell you what I will fucking wind him up if he wants me too. Stupid Cunting Arse Face.

Well if he doesn’t like the job he can leave. I will be making a complaint to my boss. There is no way in hell I am being spoken to like that.

Maybe I will just punch his lights out and then I will have time to sit at home and read and blog and get a tan this summer.




8 responses

19 05 2006

don’t feel shit – good for you for standing up to him!Let him have a strop and hopefully resign, you are just doing your job!

19 05 2006

Well, he does sound like a f***ing c***, jeez, what an asshole. Hopefully he’ll resign… or get sacked… but hey, if you are going to knock him out can you make sure you get someone to film it so we can all watch? Ta.It’s the weekend tomorrow! Hang in there, Kel!

19 05 2006

Oh shit, that’s horrible. What a knob that guy is. well done for standing up to him, you are the bigger person. Surely he will be severely disciplined for that? What a complete fuckwit. Be glad you’re you and not him, his life must be really rubbish.

19 05 2006

I think you should kill him with kindness.Buy his favorite coffee and a nice mug, wrap it up in beautiful paper, and when he opens it, he’ll be too distracted to notice that you’re about to kick him square in the nuts.

19 05 2006

Yeesh! What an ass. I’m with Leonie — he probably has a crap life. Even so, he should pay for taking it out on you like that. Real mature.Hope your weekend (and beer) make things better!! 🙂

19 05 2006

My question is, what did Paul say when you asked if he would support you if you punched Fuck-Cunt in the face?No doubt that guy is an arse-face. And I didn’t know that cunt could be used as a verb…as in ‘cunting’. LOL Good swearing skills!!

20 05 2006

Typical. The one time there is any drama in the office, Mould is out taking a “tour” of the fooking warehouse! What use am I there, I ask you?The poor boy is troubled but that is no excuse for taking it out on you and marching out of the room like a second rate drama queen (and there is only enough room for one of those in any office).Next week will be better!

22 05 2006
Retro Girl

I hope that F.C. Gets fired…Maybe the words HOSTILE WORK ENVIRONMENT should be thrown in when you talk to your boss. There was no reason for FC to treat you as he did. That was completely uncalled for. Sounds as if he is just jealous that you have more responsiblity and more respect from the management than he…I would talk to your boss, but never let FC see you sweat…don’t let him directly see that he’s got you. I hope they fire him, still!

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